Takaki + Hasshi = ♥

Takaki Yuya + Hasshimoto Ryosuke = ♥
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Welcome to TakaHasshi!! This is a community for the love/friendship between the two J.J.Express members Takaki Yuya and Hashimoto Ryosuke. As long as you like those two boys (especially when they're together) this is the place for you! ^_^ You don't have to like boy x boy to join, we all love them just as friends of course coz that's the reality after all but most of us do like it, so be prepared to see it here!
(Will write more here when my brain is working...)

Takaki Yuya
高木雄也 (たかきゆうや)

Birthday: 1990.3.26
Zodiac: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Birthplace: Osaka

Blood type: O
Height: 175cm
Weight: 53kg

Favorite Food: Pizza gratin pineapple
Dislike Food: Paseri
Favorite Colour: Orange
Weak Point: Scared of bugs and pidgeons

Group: J.J.Express, Hey!Say!7
Joined JE: June 12th 2004
Show: Hyakushiki (guest)

Hashimoto Ryosuke
橋本良亮 (はしもとりょうすけ)

Nickname: Hasshi
Birthday: 1993.7.15
Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Birthplace: Chiba

Blood type: B
Height: 173cm
Weight: 56kg

Respected Senior: Kinki Kids
Talent: Never get below 70 on tests
Weak Point: Eyesight, wears glasses at school

Group: J.J.Express
Show: Hyakushiki (guest)


☆ Behave yourselves!!!!! No flaming Takaki or Hasshi or any other J.J.Express member (or any other JE boys in general!) Also, no flaming other community members.
☆ Stay on subject. This is a community for Takaki/Hasshi. Of course we love all the other J.J. and JE boys too so feel free to include them in fics etc but lets keep the basics TakaHasshi centered ^_^
☆ Please use lj-cut when posting pictures, graphics, fanfics (or any other longer texts). They take a long time to load so people with less good connection could have problems viewing them.
☆ Any fics rated PG-13 or higher has to be locked and absolutely MUST be rated appropiately. Fics in general should always be rated, no matter what they are so that people will know what they are reading.
Media post, pictures etc should to put under friends lock. People should at least join us if they want those, ne?
☆ When taking something someone else has posted (pictures, downloads...), remember to thank the person, it's just good manners and people who are thanked might share someting again ^_^
☆ Feel free to introduce yourself when you join!

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